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We offer a decontamination, cleaning service for C.diff. We serve Southern California, Orange County. 

Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is a bacteria that causes inflammation of the colon, known as colitis.

People who have other illnesses or conditions requiring prolonged use of antibiotics, and the elderly, are at greater risk of acquiring this disease. The bacteria are found in the feces. People can become infected if they touch items or surfaces that are contaminated with feces and then touch their mouth or mucous membranes. Healthcare workers can spread the bacteria to patients or contaminate surfaces through hand contact.

One problem with antibiotics used to treat primary C. difficile infection is that the infection returns in about 20 percent of patients. In a small number of these patients, the infection returns over and over and can be quite debilitating.

C. difficile infections can be prevented by using infection control recommendations and more careful antibiotic use.

The risk for disease increases in patients with antibiotic exposure, proton pump inhibitors, gastrointestinal surgery/manipulation, long length of stay in healthcare settings, 
a serious underlying illness, immunocompromising conditions, advanced age. 

Clostridium difficile is shed in feces. Any surface, device, or material (e.g., commodes, bathing tubs, and electronic rectal thermometers) that becomes contaminated with feces may serve as a reservoir for the Clostridium difficile spores. Clostridium difficile spores are transferred to patients mainly via the hands of healthcare personnel who have touched a contaminated surface or item.

To help prevent infection, implement an environmental cleaning and disinfection strategy. 
Ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and reusable devices, especially items likely to be contaminated with feces and surfaces that are touched frequently.
Consider using an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectant with a sporicidal claim for environmental surface disinfection after cleaning in accordance with label instructions; generic sources of hypochlorite (e.g., household chlorine bleach) also may be appropriately diluted and used. (Note: Standard EPA-registered hospital disinfectants are not effective against Clostridium difficile  spores .)

We offer a disinfection service that is registered with the EPA. There is a 99.999% bacterial clearance. We are much more effective than any hand cleaning products. 

Feel free to contact us for an in home or office C.Diff cleaning. Our company is located in Orange County. 

This is ideal for doctor's offices, private homes, gyms, day care facilities and surgery centers. This technology is currently being used in hospitals with amazing success. Nursing homes will need to adapt and implement similar systems to decrease C. diff infections in residents. 


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