1. How does the process work? 

We use hydrogen peroxide vapor technology to create a dry-mist that kills microbes. It's a dry fog that is about 3-7 microns in size that floats around the room touching and disinfecting all the surfaces it touches.  It is the only EPA approved total room disinfection solution that is validated to kill 99.9999% of spores.

2. What is the cost?

The cost of the treatment is based on the size of the room. An average room is about $0.75 per square foot. *This applies to most rooms that have ceilings 10 feet and lower. 

3. Is there a smell?

The Halo Mist leaves a clean fresh scent after fogging.  There is no residual odor.  It is odorless and colorless.

4. Is it safe around electornics?

The fog is safe around all electronics.   We've done advanced material testing with Boeing to validate that the Halo DS is safe for use in airplanes with their sensitive avionic equipment.  There are no material compatibility issues.

5. What happens to the dry-fog?

Safe & Environmentally friendly – it decomposes into Oxygen and Water (no toxic residue)
No Rinse/No Wipe 

6. How long does it take?

Each room takes about 90 minutes to treat plus minimal prep time. 

7. What is the cleaning solution made of? 

The solution is 95% water, 5% hyrogen peroxide and 0.01% silver. There is no measurable trace of silver left behind after the cleaning. Read full details here. 

Safe for Operating rooms, Nurseries, Preschools, Gyms, Patient rooms, Exam rooms, Clinics and more. 

8. Is it really better than hand cleaning? 

Absolutely. Studies prove that even after a professional hand cleaning there are still high contamination rates. There are still bacteria and spores left over after a hand cleaing, not to mention the harmful chemicals. There are no harmful chemicals left over when using SteriRoom. Call us for a free estimate. 

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