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We offer a decontamination, cleaning service for MRSA. We serve Southern California, Orange County.  

There are two types of MRSA infections. Community acquired and hospital acquired. 

Hospitals are already taking precautions and cleaning out the rooms using technology that is not just hand cleaning. 

Studies have proven that using a hydrogen peroxide vapor has a much higher success rate in getting rid of MRSA from a room. 

Take for example two rooms that have been contaminated with MRSA, A and B. Room A gets the usual hand wipe down. Room B uses the hydrogen peroxide vapor technology. Which room would you rather spend the next night in? It has been scientifically proven that you are more much more likely to contract MRSA in room A. 

We recommend using the hydrogen peroxide vapor service if you have a history of MRSA or have been tested positive recently. This is great to use in case a doctor notices that his patient population is all of a sudden getting more MRSA. There is a high chance that people are being contaminated in the doctor's office. 

Another great time to use this is before a big surgery, especially for patients that have a history of MRSA. If you are having major joint surgery, infection is really important to prevent. Our service provides that extra precaution to decrease the chance of infection.  

The best time to decontaminate the room is when your body has some way been treated for MRSA. If you still harbor MRSA on your skin, you'll likely contaminate the room. We will sometimes suggest one or two weekly or monthly treatments. 

Surgical centers use us when they perform a procedure on a known MRSA carrier patient. Using hydrogen peroxide vaport in the surgical center significantly decreased infection rates. Ask your surgical center what they use. 

This technology is already being used across the country to cut infection rates and is working fantastically better than any hand cleaning. 

Our company is located in Orange County - Southern California. We will come out to your home or office to perform the MRSA decontamination service. We use Hydrogen Peroxide Vaport technology to erradicate the MRSA. 

​Meth​icillin Resistant Staph Aureus