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We offer a complete room disinfection service.

Our team comes to you to perform the disinfection process. 

We use the The Halo Disinfection System™

We are able to decrease chance of infection by eliminating the majority of microbes that are in the room. 

Kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.

This system is better than regular hand cleaning and is more effective. 

Perfect for anyone who has been diagnosed with MRSA or C.diff

Ideal for room cleaning after a mold or fungus removal project, remediation. 

Great for any family who keeps getting viral infection or colds. 

Any patient with cancer or that is immune compromised. 

Ideal for a doctor's office, gym, day care or nursing home. 

What needs to be done before our visit?

Any large spill areas or contaminated areas need to be removed. 

We will wipe down heavy traffic areas, bring in our machinery, set it up and decontaminate the room.