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We are able to treat a room, office or home and kill viruses with a much higher success rate than any hand cleaning. On top of that, there are no harful chemicals used and no chemical residue left over to worry about. 

We are able to treat the Flu Virus, Ebola, Swine and Avian Flu, Common Cold and HIV.

Ideal for decontamination in breakout areas. Families dealing with the common cold or flu virus. Decrease the chance of other family members getting sick. 

Perfect for a Pediatrician's office. Those sick rooms are a petry dish for germs. 

Treatment for a doctor's office is ideally done several times per year. There is a layer of biofilm that harbors harmful viruses and bacteria. Regular cleaning does not do a good enough job of preventing future infections. Many scientific research studies have been done to back up this claim. Hand cleaning is not enough. 

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